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Train 101

 Train 101 has been in the North Coast Line (NCL) for many decades. In the 1926 time table the train ran on Saturday evening from Roma Street to Gympie. In later years the train became a Monday to Friday train. 

In 1957 101 departed Roma Street  at 5:50 pm, steam hauled Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday arriving in Gympie at 10:44 pm. Friday nights it was diesel hauled arriving in Gympie at 10:17pm. 1964 the arrangements were still much the same, departure time as 5:40 PM. Arrival in Gympie was 10:30 PM Mon – Thur and 10:15 on Friday evening diesel hauled.

 In 1968 Friday nights at Roma Street was full of action.

101 Gympie Pass departed at 5:50 PM.

111 Yandina Pass departed at 6:03 PM.

21A Rockhampton Pass departed at 7:30PM

445 Bundaberg Pass departed at 8:10 PM

241 Sunlander departed at 9:30 PM

 During school holidays there was also a relief Townsville Main 241A at 6:45 pm.

 Knowing the marshalling of a trains can give us modellers a prototype train.

The 1964 Working Time Table gives the marshalling of 445. This train ran Monday to Friday and returned as 422.

BLC Bundaberg (Mon – Fri).

BLC Bundaberg (Mon – Fri).

Baggage Car Gayndah – Monto Branch (Sun – Fri).    

Car 14. KCS Gayndah – Monto Branch (Mon., Wed., Fri.)

Car 19 & 20 JCS (10 first, 9 second) berths.

Car 18 AL 36 first seats.

Car 17 BL 56 second seats.

Car 16 BL 56 second seats if required.

Car 15 BL 56 second seats if required.


Baggage Car Maryborough.  

 Leaving Roma Street Friday and Sundays 422 will have an AAS (Sunshine first sleeper) and a FBS (Sunshine second sleeper) instead of the JCS. 422 leaving Bundaberg Friday will be the same. The car numbers appear to be a continuation from the 21A the Rockhampton Mail.   

 Currently on the layout I have 101 from the 1973 NCL Working Time Table.

 The Time Table shows the following marshalling’s for 101. .

Monday to Thursday (Inclusive).


BLC Urangan Road (Road wagons carried small consignments for various stations.- Goods).

BLC Isis Road

BLC Monto. (Eidsvold Tuesdays, Mundubbera Thursdays).

BLC Mulgildie Road (Mondays, Wednesdays)

BLC Eidsvold (Mondays, Wednesdays)

BLC Mundubbera (Mondays, Wednesdays)

BLC Gayndah

Baggage Car Gayndah – Monto (Eidsvold Tuesdays, Mundubbera Thursday. - Parcels).

BL Maryborough  (Second seats)

BL Maryborough (Second seats)

CL Maryborough (First & Second seats)

Mail Van Maryborough

Baggage Car Gympie

Baggage Car Kingaroy

CLV Kingaroy.


BLC’s can be any red diamond wagon, most likely QLX’s wagons were used.

Baggage Cars having just one destination or Branch roadside, 32 foot would of been used.  


101 Friday


BLC Isis Road

BLC Monto

BLC Eidsvold

Baggage Car Gayndah – Monto

BL Monto

BL Maryborough

BL Maryborough

BL Maryborough

CL Maryborough

Mail Van Maryborough

Baggage Car Gympie

Mail Van Kingaroy.

In the above consists we see BLC Road Wagons and Baggage Cars going to the same destinations.

BLC Road Wagons contains Goods items loaded in the Roma Street Goods Yards. This is LCL type freight for various stations in one wagon. It’s consigned in accordance with the Goods & Livestock Rates By Laws.

Baggage Cars are parcels traffic loaded in the Parcel Shed at the Main Passenger Station at Roma Street. This is passenger train traffic and is consigned in accordance with the Coaching By-Laws. Generally items under 112 lbs, mainly items requiring a quicker transit.  At junction stations and far western centres, these parcels were often transferred to Guard’s van on connecting goods/mixed trains for delivery.

Incident:- At 6:30 pm on the 8th of June 1970, Locomotive 1530 working Train 101 run into the van BUV 804 on Train 239 (Caboolture Suburban Service) at Narangba. Van BUV 804 was telescoped into BU 785 killing two passengers. Train 101 passed a signal at Red.    

 On my train I have used the following vehicles.

Train is being hauled by Black Diamond Models Class Leader 1450 class DEL.QLX wagons – Wuiske Models. These have been repainted and decaled and weathered to reflect as built.  

Monto Road Baggage Car - Scratched built back in 1988.

Sunshine Cars are a mix of Three Foot Six Models and Wuiske Models Kits.

MV Mail Van – Caintode Flats Kits.

Gympie and Kingaroy Baggage Cars - Scratch built.

Kingaroy CLV - Caintode Flats Kit. 

The train is featured in a YouTube video in various sectors of the journey.


Another smallish prototype train in reach of the QR modeller.

 Trust you enjoy a North Coast Line passenger train this time around.  

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