Monday, 29 March 2021

Bundaberg Model Train and Hobby Expo


Weekend of the 20th and 21st of March were able to attend an exhibition for the first time in 18 months. Bundaberg, was the location. 

On the way on up Friday we dropped into Harvey Bay and had a look at Merv Bagnall's layout. More details of Merv’s layout can be found in the January/February 2021 Issue of MainLine. Australasian Region MainLine ( 

Saturday and Sunday was the Bundaberg Model Train and Hobby Expo. Both days I gave the club a hand assisting with their Queensland Health approved Covid-19 Plan, this was required to allow the event to be held and something none of us had been involved in before. Being posted out front, visitor attending needed to register, social distancing, and pay the entrance fee. At the same time, keeping the line of visitors moving, making it hard to chat with modellers arriving at the front door. I apologise to those to whom I appear rude or unfriendly.  Once off duty I was able to catch up with some inside, some I know, others I didn’t. Some I missed, sorry, hope were can catch up soon. 

All up a great show that broke all previous records in a nice venue.  A lot of work went into the arrangements to obtain a Qld Health Covid-19 approval to allow the show to proceed. 

Great to see various clubs helping the host club by providing extra assistance to make the weekend possible with the additional health approval requirements.  All the exhibitors also had a role to play in this as well, cleaning the fence in front of their display. The photos are only an overview and is not all of the layout/displays at the show.  

Last year the show was cancelled at short notice due to the lockdown costing the club a truck load of cash that couldn't be refunded. 

And Yes, with 10 Traders  present, I did come home with less cash in the pocket and more MR parts for more projects for Westgate. 

We were able to have a quick look around town, port, beaches and stock up on Bundaberg Ginger Beer and Sarsaparilla. Wet weather was coming in, lots more to see, next time.  

Monday returning home we had a quick look at Maryborough, the day was to wet for photos, and heading home sounded much better. We had already passed a head on smash at Tiaro in heavy rain.

Merv's Layout - Braidwood Division. HO -NSWR 

 Stannumvale - Queensland Railways HOn42

Walloon - Queensland Railways, HOn42

Wallaville - A local Sugar Tramway, HOn2.5

Moxon Road - Queensland Railways S scale.

Other Layout, Various Scales 

On the edge of town we came across to Road to Tramway cane loader.

Hats off to the Bundy crew for a great show, very much appreciated. 



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