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Train 209/309

Train 209 on the Layout.

During the 70’s and 80’s, Train 209 (Mackay Goods) departed Mayne @ 01:45 Tuesday to Saturday, On Monday the train ran to Rockhampton as 309. On Wednesdays, the train run through to Townsville. In later years the train was numbered 7209/7309.

Not a fast trip, the train conveys ordinary rollingstock at 60 km/h shunting at most major locations on the coast,  Gympie 06:38/07:45, Bundy 13:17/14:40, Rocky 00:18/01:15, Mackay 12:04/17:00 (Thur), Townsville arr. 07:03 (Fri).    The 1973 Working Time Table shows the train crossing or being passed by 7 trains between Bundaberg and Avondale, which is just 4 stations to the north of Bundy. The train was also timed to bypass Gladstone.   
Older locomotives were usually rostered to work the train, today 1208 is in charge (Hollywood band drive mechanism). In later years, crews would not shunt with this class of locomotive due to restricted visibly when setting back. As the train only shunted at major locations along the coast, the local yard shunt engine would be coupled to the front to do these duties.   
Timetable Instructions:- 309 Mondays will convey all available loading for Gladstone and for Central Division and be restricted to 70 units in length. This train will convey roadside between Gympie and Bundaberg and must be worked with a suitable van.
209 (Tues to Sat) will convey Mackay traffic loaded in ordinary rollingstock.   This train will convey roadside between Gympie and Bundaberg and must be worked with a suitable van.
209 was also the train that conveyed special loads, many of these loads were “Out of Gauge” and required special instructions. Some of these loads included, wide plate steel, caravans, machinery, rain water tanks etc. In 1990 the instructions for a car & caravan travelling between Roma Street and Cairns were
1.    Load must not enter shed over 2, 3 and 5 Roads at Roma Street.

2.    Must NOT travel between Brunswick Street and Roma Street via Central.

3.    Loading not to enter Maryborough Platform Roads.
 In 2006, instructions for wide plate steel had no fewer than 49 do’s and don’ts.
Mayne Yard Orders:- For Tuesday the 13th of March 1984 show the following arrangements for “Out of Gauge Loading:-
7209 Wed;
MS 18105 Mt Isa ex Strathpine 7012
M 19256 Ingham fwd Innisfail ex Moolabin 7027 Tuesday

M 5250 Mackay ex Moolabin 7027 Tuesday

PE 31616 Rockhampton ex Roma Street 7027 Tuesday. 

MTW 19190 ex Sarina arr 7472 Wed send to Roma St 7F06 Wed.

MTW 101 Ipswich Workshop O/H Mayne to go to Roma Street 7F16 Wed.

FJS 26361 Kingaroy ex Sunshine 7943 Wed to go 7209 Thursday.            

Photo above:- The train in the photos consists of 22 vehicles, approx. 52 units long and comes in at 520 tons. Some wagons were scratch build, loads added (some were kits) and secured in accordance with QR regulations.  
The train has various classes of wagons with various load types which I will cover over the next few weeks.

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