Monday, 18 June 2018

Weed Spray (Poison) Train.

This week the Paw Paw has been working the Poison Train.

Below is a few photos of the train in action.

Details on the construction of the train can be found on the Modelling the Railways of Queensland Convention website

Train pushing spray units around Smith's farm

Spray section consists of the Pump Unit and two tanks.

The rear section is a box wagon for bags of weed killer.
Spray Operator camp wagon and KKB Guard's Van.
When spraying the Guards rides with the Spray Operator in the pump unit at the front of the train.

Track Inspector waits for the train to clear.

Paw Paw 1175 places the wagons to be filled with water at Westgate Loco. 

Returning from a days work, approaching Wyandra.

Tank Wagon U 2164 with a tool box on one side.

U 9011
 Pump Unit with boom and sprays