Saturday, 23 September 2017

Looking Back

Around this time in 2014, Westgate was on the Layout Tour list for the NMRA Gold Coast Convention.

During the Monday running session, Gerry Hopkins MMR took a video showing various parts of the layout.

It all ways good to look back and check progress on the layout. 

Some areas of the layout had fillers, to make the layout look complete, and some day I planned to return to complete or add structures with a bit more detail. One area on the layout was "Wyandra" station.

Plus, during operations it was found the platform at Wyandra was to short, even the 2000 class RM did not fit on the platform, one end would over hang off the platform. Not the best for detraining passengers.  Each year after holidays when the layout is without rollingstock, I send a few weeks cleaning up the layout, doing work to keep the layout fresh and make alterations.  

Currently work is being carried on extending the platform at Wyandra. The station building is an poxy kit and consideration is under way for a replacement. I would like to think over time my modelling skills get a bit better, thus improve the standard of the layout. 

Plus, it is just a few weeks from the "Model Railways for a Day" Convention and I need to get ready a couple of presentations for the day. Details for the convention can be found on the Modelling the Railways of Queensland website.     

Trust you enjoy Gerry's video.