Wednesday, 10 October 2018

OV 9 Mobil Tank Wagon

Over the last few months I have been building tank wagons. Some of the tank wagons on the layout date back to the mid 1970’s, they are on their third set of bogies and my modelling standards have improved a little over time.

Thus a program to replace a few of these wagons has started. In this batch I did six wagons. One of the tank wagons in this batch is OV 9.

A couple of weekends ago I entered the wagon in the NMRA Regional Convention Modelling Contest. The judging is carried out with 125 points on offer. The model scored 113, I was marked down for not adding some detail. I build rollingstock to run on the layout, if you cannot see it standing on the track I don’t add it. But, it is something for me to think about in the future. The items missing are not hard to do and on tank wagons could add more to the model. 

OV 9 Homestead 1969. The wagon was taken off a train due to a hot box.

 One plan covers all wagons within the class.
This wagon I used Evergreen styrene for the underframe. Some of the other wagons in the batch I used "North Yard" brass strips.
The model was painted with Tru-color TCP-010 Black.
Decal were made by Ted Freeman in Toowoomba. Email
 The model was weathered with Vallejo  Model Color acrylic paint.
This coming weekend (Saturday14th of October), I will be doing a clinic on Tank Wagons at the Modelling the Railways of Queensland Convention. How the wagons were constructed and the missing parts will be disclosed.
The other wagons will make it onto the blog after the Convention.

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