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Wanko SWR

Wanko SWR

NSWR Network on the SWR is a single track main line with two stations with crossing loops.

 One station, “Winbin” is hidden and is used to store a train out of sight.  This station is at the bottom of a 1 in 50 grade to allow the QR network to go over the top.

 Wanko is the divisional headquarters of the NSWR network. The station yard is down one end of the layout with the sidings wrapping around both sides. The yard consists of the main line with a station platform, a dock platform suitable for connecting rail motor service. The crossing loop extends on both ends, the northern end extends to the grain terminal as Grain Road #1. The terminal has two sidings which includes a location for the company locomotive. It has a separate controller and can be used as a shunting puzzle to reverse the train. The silos are scratch built along with the weight bridge and inspection platform. The inspection platform was modelled off photos taken at Warwick.

 Beside the crossing loop is two sidings which also extend both ends, one siding runs into the grain terminal as Grain Road # 2 and is the loading road. Cross overs connect both roads. The other end become an industrial branch serving a “Shell” depot and a transport depot on one side. On the other side is a tranship siding with a cattle transfer race, a tranship shed, overhead travelling crane, and a loading bank for wheeled vehicles. The section of track beside the loop is used as a head shunt or a transfer road to get engines from one end to the other. The loop can be used for this traffic if required.

 The tranship road becomes the second road beside the loop and is used for “hold backs”. The grain terminal end of the siding becomes a loco road to store three locos.  A small coal stage is located on the siding, which was scratch built. Points on this end of the yard are operated by a Modratec lever frame using wire in the tube method.    

 The main station building is a kit with an added “out off” room on one end and a platform awning on the dock end. The shopping centre is a mix of kits and scratch build.  

 All track is Peco code 100, main line loop points are # 8, points leading to siding are # 6, and # 4 for sidings. If I was building a new layout the # 4 would be # 6’s. Main line points have Peco point motors, operated by push buttons on the control panel. Siding points are controlled by slide switches with wire in a tube. The DC system has two cabs allowing for main line running with the second cab for shunting in the yard.     

Up to seven trains can operate on the network. Two can be shunting trains for the tranship sidings, one running with the other in the sidings. Crossing Loops hold equal to about 45 x 4 wheeled wagons.

 Rollingstock can cover various eras, all steam, mix of steam and diesel, or a all diesel era. Various train sets operate on the network which includes a container train, steel train, grain train and general goods trains. Rollingstock available allows for changes to be made to each set from time to time. A selection of passenger cars allows for various passenger trains to be made up when needed. Rollingstock is a mix of RTR, kits and scratch build.

Currently an all steam era is running with loco 6026 hauling a goods train of 45 four wheels and a van. This is a set train and stows in the loop at Winbin. Loco 3313 in a highly polished state is working a rail motor passenger replacement service with two cars, this train stables in the dock. Loco 3813 is rostered on the express fruit train. This train is placed in the tranship shed after the departure of wagons from the crane. Loco 3649 is working the grain train. Extra grain wagons are in the hold back road which are cut in or out from time to time. Loco 5271 is the shunt engine and worked an extra goods train made up with wagons from the tranship road and other sidings. As much as possible, locos 3813, 3649 and 5271 work to and from the loco road.    

    Overview of Wanko. Shell depot and Transport Depot out of view bottom L/H Corner
Transport Depot, model from photos of the CRT depot at Acacia Ridge.

Shell depot is free lance to fit the location
 Tranship side bank for wheeled vehicles

 Travelling crane for Transhipping NSWR to QR

Transhipping shed modelled on Hospital Shed at Clapham
Cattle transfer race
Current roster of Locomotives on the NSWR
Loco Road
Grain Terminal
Overview of the Northern side of the yard.

Overview of Station and Town
Modratec Lever Frame for controlling points around the Grain Terminal

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