Thursday, 16 November 2017

Static Grass

Static Grass

When visiting the Toowoomba Model Railway Exhibition back in June, I visited the Modellers Warehouse stand. Dave was selling static grass applicators and 2 packs of grass as a show special for $ 80.00. Static grass has been around for years, I’m just a little slow on the uptake. I guess the cost of the applicator to date had a bit to do with also. The Wacol CEO was with me and indicated he would go halves with me and we could share the device.

Some months later the purchase was still in the plastic bag sitting on the book case unopened. At the “Model Railways of a Day” a few weeks ago I attended Dave’s presentation on Static Grass, he made it look so simple. It was great to see the various steps demonstrated. A couple of weeks back I attended the Gold Coast Model Railway Show and had to confess to Dave that nothing had be done. In looking around the stand I purchased another packet of grass.

Currently I’m doing some alterations to the Wyandra area of the layout and there is a small block of land near the station that could do with some refreshing.  It’s time for me to learn a new skill and attempt applying static grass. The surrounding area not requiring grass was covered with newspaper before starting. With the instructions read and understood, it was time to start. Ground Up Scenery products were used. First the Oliver (3 mm) a dark green was applied, later in the day the Dead Grass (3mm) as added, and finally the Summer Blend (5 mm) was applied and let dry. The scenery director was called and the job passed with flying colours. The area is different to others grass lands near by which adds verity to the layout.

A new fence was added, a gate was scratch built for wire, a “Rail in Scale” bill board was cut down and shorten so it wouldn’t over power the area, and some finishing scenery effects was placed at various points. The grass looked that good a cow was added under the tree.

Yet again another new skill was learnt, what a great hobby.  I guess I put it off in fear that I would muck it up, when I should have been done long before I did. Seeing the demo at the convention also helped heaps.

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